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Service Chapel

The largest of our chapels was designed with a variety of uses in mind. It can be used as a chapel of rest, a family meeting room or as an informal service chapel.

The idea of our service chapel is for the use of those who perhaps have a small family group, who do not want a full religious funeral service or do not want to travel to have a service at the nearest crematorium. In our comfortable relaxed service chapel you can have a service taken by the person of your choice or just yourselves as a family, you can have the chapel for as long as you need. You are welcome to bring in personal items, photographs etc., arrange the furniture as you wish and we can arrange floral tributes to be delivered and arranged as you want. Our aim is to make the service as personal and as relaxed as possible. We will then travel onto the crematorium later.

You are welcome to visit our service chapel at any time.

The Chapel Funeral - Non Attendance Cremation

The Chapel Funeral is a simple funeral service that takes place in our own service chapel of rest. The cremation which follows the service is carried out without any family attendance, just the funeral director, his staff and the crematorium chapel attendant.

Whilst we are sure there are other options available as a family business we have extremely high standards to maintain. Everything will be carried out with utmost respect and dignity

The Chapel Funeral and non attendance cremation service is a fixed service and cannot be added to, it includes the following...

1.The local removal of your loved one from their place of death within 30 miles of our premises. (No extra charge for outside of business hours).

2.The provision of a suitable coffin.

3.The use of our service chapel of rest for the service (up to 2 hours) for up to a maximum of 20 people. The provision of necessary staff on the day of the Chapel Funeral including someone to lead the service (if required).

4.The provision of 20 printed order of service booklets (if required).

5.The completion of all required paperwork and liaising with the crematorium to arrange a day and time for the cremation.

6.The paying of all necessary fees.

7.The provision of a suitable funeral vehicle and staff for attendance at the crematorium. (At a day and time to suit ourselves).

8.The collection of your loved ones ashes from the crematorium on our next visit for you to collect from us.


Terms and conditions.
1.Should a coffin of 6'2”x22” be required an extra charge will occur.
2.If a newspaper notice is required, this will be charged at cost.
3.Floral tributes can be arranged, this will be charged at cost.

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